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Elevate to the Perfect Custom Wedding Invitation

Hiya Lovelies! I am always thinking of how to get that “wow” effect on a custom wedding invitations suite. Knowing how to elevate the style of your perfect custom wedding invitation suite can be the difference between having your guests excited for your special day or having them dread the thought of going shopping for yet another toaster as a gift. Adding a few unique ideas can truly transform your invitations to a custom wedding invitations suite. You could just make plain wedding invitations that blend in with all the others, or you can follow a few simple steps to make them as memorable as the wedding itself.

Use Monograms

custom monogram

First up, adding a monogram is a timeless and elegant way to add a personal touch to your invitations. By combining the initials of the dearly beloved, it’s a clever way to distinguish the invitation at a glance. Depending on your style, you can opt for the classic cursive fonts, or show off your creativity with a more modern and quirky typeface. Either way, monograms are a must in styling your custom wedding invitations.

Impress with Envelope Liners

An often-overlooked aspect of sending out invitations is the envelope it’s mailed in. While most envelopes end up in the trash, adding a liner can make opening the envelope a memorable part of being invited to a wedding. Using a liner transforms the inside of an envelope from a plain white abyss to a beautifully integrated part of the invitation. A floral design or geometric pattern can liven up an otherwise ignored aspect of receiving an invitation.

Vintage Stamps

Using vintage stamps makes your unique invitations stand out from the endless sea of bills and junk mail flooding your guests’ mailboxes on a daily basis. Just as the liner adds personality to the inside of the envelope, these stamps add a unique flair to the exterior of your custom wedding invitations.  There are many vendors that offer curated sets of vintage stamps and I would totally recommend VerdeStudio Etsy Shop.

Get Creative with Original Art

watercolor invitation

Adding original artwork is by far the most personal but most effective way to really bring your custom wedding invitation to life. Using custom artwork makes your wedding invitations truly one of a kind in a way that can’t be replicated. While it may take a little bit more effort, custom art can really make your custom wedding invitation stand out.

Dazzle with Calligraphy

envelope calligraphy

While Calligraphy is time-consuming but worth every second spent with the brush. Just like with the artwork, if you don’t have the talent (or patience) to do this yourself, we’ve got you covered! Fete and Paperie provides hand lettering to elevate your invitations from an ordinary piece of cardstock to an artisanal, handcrafted thing of beauty that your guests are sure to remember. We’d love to see how you if any of these  ideas helped bring your custom invitations to life!  Be sure to tag us on social media @feteandpaperie to show us what you made.


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